RFT’s Best Of…Best Bread & Best Breakfast Pastry

bestofIn this year’s Riverfront Times Best Of list, Companion has been awarded Best Breakfast Pastry and Best Bread in St. Louis! Read more here, or click here for the full list. Best Breakfast Pastry – The Morning Bun Some things are worth waking up early for. Not a heavy, glutinous muffin, certainly, or a plate of rubbery scrambled eggs. The Companion Bake House & morningbunCafé is no slouch when it comes to muffins or eggs, but the thing that should really get you excited about setting the morning alarm is the “Morning Bun.” This delectable pastry combines the finest elements of the croissant (flakiness, butteryness) and cinnamon toast (sweetness, spiciness) in one lovely, fist-size roll. Not quite as austere as the unadorned croissant, nor as gooey as the cinnamon roll, the “Morning Bun,” along with a cup of coffee, is just the thing to get you to greet the day with joy and optimism. Said bouyancy may evaporate by noon, but that is why it is called a “Morning Bun.” Best Bread – Companion Bread is life. Bread is hearty, elemental, basic and necessary. Bread, though, does not grow on trees. The late ’90s saw this nation begin to slowly back away from mass-produced white bread fortified with chemical preservatives. We have a slew of good bakeries in town, each one staffed by artisans practicing the time-honored science of yeast and flour recombination. Companion does it in a big way, every day of the year, and with consistency. And by that we don’t mean merely the texture and chewiness of the bread, but rather the dependability of it. Sexy, right? Dependability. That’s life, though — at least the good part of it: Breathe in, breathe out. Eat well, eat right. Live.

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