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Joe Gutierrez Joe Gutierrez @GootSFG
That’s what the bill looks like for 24 hr hospital care for 19 days total, treatment for severe pancreatitis, medic… https://t.co/w9x46ZY0Rz
3 days ago
Janiece Higgins Janiece Higgins @HigginsJaniece
Some days, some weeks, some months this is the best place you could be. On your knees. #prayerwarrior #faithhttps://t.co/gdMnMe7Im9
4 weeks ago
Shweta Kapoor Shweta Kapoor @shwtkpur
Every evening my eyes play hide & seek with the setting sun & floating clouds, wondering what shapes will they take… https://t.co/J8yIep8YOr
2 months ago
Pawsnclawspets1 Pawsnclawspets1 @Pawsnclawspets1
When the Orthopedic doc recommends elevating and icing when you can and your dog is there for moral support! 🐶 💗 I… https://t.co/L0Pxjaeu0f
2 months ago
Enchiludas Enchiludas @Enchiludas
The origen of #Enchiludas.. From my only child.. And now closer to finish college. #MyInspiration #MyCompanionhttps://t.co/AMXl9jYHGB
2 months ago
Jennifer Leonard Jennifer Leonard @JennsInspDesign
My New fur baby and He’s going to be big! American bull dog daddy and catahoula/black lab mom. He has the sweetest… https://t.co/dsgj5YA324
2 months ago
Joe Gutierrez Joe Gutierrez @GootSFG
Well damnnnnnnnn….looks like I’m stuck watching Logan. Briseis is making sure of that….lol #Yorkiehttps://t.co/wLVxSvz8RF
4 months ago
Joe Gutierrez Joe Gutierrez @GootSFG
Achilles was watching me like a hawk, until he heard the T word….lol #Yorkie #SpoiledYorkie #YorkshireTerrieristhttps://t.co/W2oye6tggy
4 months ago
chiquita gonzales chiquita gonzales @chqbn242
One of the most intelligent and loving dogs I’ve ever owned and miss dearly no dog with ever have my heart the way… https://t.co/MgJH78mitv
5 months ago
Ascom North America Ascom North America @AscomNA
You asked, we delivered! The Ascom Myco 2 smart phone is now available in black – ideal for environments where ente… https://t.co/LhLGMAnRbS
6 months ago
Michael Lewis Michael Lewis @myfanpleasure
@DoctorWho_BBCA @fathomevents That story made me a Whovian back in 1980, when in the 2nd grade Doctor Who changed f… https://t.co/cgccCzmGNn
6 months ago

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