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AS PART OF OUR CONTINUED COMMITMENT to supporting and enriching our community, we’re thrilled to introduce our Local Grains Project – a selection of breads made almost exclusively with locally grown and milled grains along with locally produced foodstuffs (think honey, sorghum, nuts and seeds). This project gives us the opportunity to give a voice to the Missouri/Southern Illinois regional food production ecosystem by delivering thoughtful small batch breads to our local consumer.

This rotating selection of loaves will introduce some of the outstanding agricultural products our region has to offer. Coaxing the most flavor and texture from these freshly milled local grains, we’re creating breads with moist crumbs and terrific keeping qualities at a standard you’ve come to expect from Companion.

Most importantly, we pledge to offer transparency in the process – sharing with you the local grain content and origin of each loaf and introducing you to the farmers, millers and producers that make these great breads possible.

Bread has always been a catalyst for conversation. We understand that to keep that dialog moving forward we must continually push ourselves to do more for our community and our customer. We strongly believe that our Local Grains Project will do just that.

Harold and Ross
Harold harvesting
Harold harvesting
Dutch Crunch

Dutch Crunch is a relatively new bread, thought to have originated in the Netherlands where it is known as Tiger Bread. The name comes from the rice flour paste applied to the top of the bread. During the baking process it hardens and cracks, resembling a tiger’s fur pattern. The rice flour paste gives the bread a distinctive crunch and taste, while not overpowering. Food and Wine Magazine proclaimed it the greatest sandwich bread you’ve never heard of. Now ya know.

LGP-Dutch Crunch Sandwich
To create this unique loaf, we’ve partnered with some amazing folks:
  • The Mill at Janie’s Farm (Ashkum, IL) provides the “Calumet” wheat flour
  • Bekemeier’s (Neosho, MO) provides the Sorghum
  • McKaskle Family Farm (Braggadodo, MO) provides the rice flour
The Farmers
Harold Wilken and Ellen King

The Mill at Janie’s Farm is a natural extension of Janie’s Farm Organics. They have been growing certified organic grains for over 15 years, and are now milling the grains they grow, as well as those grown by their organic farmer neighbors.

The mill was custom-made by Engsko, a Danish company that has been in the milling business for over a century. Although it’s brand new, this is the most ancient type of mill, feeding whole grain kernels between stationary and rotating mill stones. The folks at Janie’s Farm carefully monitor the temperature of the stones to ensure that they stay cool and preserve all the nutrition of the whole kernel – including the bran and germ, with all of their essential proteins, oils, vitamins, and minerals. Even their sifted flours contain 70-90% of the whole kernel, so you get more flavor and more nutrition.

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