John Fogarty – The Shack

Meet John Fogarty

John Fogarty – The Shack
John is a native St. Louisan (Parkway West High School – we know you were dying to ask!) who, after a one-year stint as a manager at the St. Louis Bread Co., decided to get serious about the restaurant business.

Under the wing of restaurateur Mike Duffy, John learned the ins and outs of the business always with an eye on owning his own place. He went on to form OG Hospitalty Group with managing partner and best friend since 3rd grade, Brant Baldanza. The pair have opened a number of restaurants around the Greater St. Louis area including The Shack in Midtown, now located in Valley Park. With the success of that location they have brought the concept back inside the beltway, offering up a playful mix of breakfast, lunch and (sometimes) dinner items, many of which are served on or with Companion bread.

John is a die-hard Cardinals and Rams fan and, when he’s not running his restaurants, enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

Seven questions

with John Fogarty
What is your occupation / how do you spend your day?
I’m an owner/operator of OG Hospitality Group. My partner, Brant Baldanza, and I have been best friends since the 3rd grade. We both grew up in the restaurant business. I spend most of my day looking for ways to improve our operations, food costs, and menu innovation and I visit each of our restaurants almost daily.
Why do you choose Companion breads?
That’s simple…it’s the best product out there, especially for the volumes we need. Moving into the Frontenac area, we knew we needed to step up our bread program. Our customers were going to expect a higher quality product. The demographics surrounding this restaurant know the Companion brand and recognize the difference. Our sales rep, Jonathon Potts, made it so easy for us to work with Companion. He’s played a big role in our decision of switching to Companion.
Which Companion bread are you: Pain Beaucaire, Multigrain or Parmesan Black Pepper
Not sure I understood the question so I asked my wife. She said…I’m more like a sourdough bread…I’ll leave it at that!
What three things would we always find in your kitchen/refrigerator/pantry?
Always eggs & Angel’s Envy Bourbon
Name a favorite childhood food that you still eat.
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich
The band, BREAD, had a famous song, “Make It With You.” If we were making IT with you and bread, what would it be?
A meatball sandwich on toasted garlic cheese baguette – my favorite!
What is your favorite Companion product?
Pretzel sticks…I can’t get enough of them!

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