Herb Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Watch David Guempel, Chef at Cafe Osage in the Central West End, make the delicious Herb Roasted Breast of Chicken with Lemon and Kalamata Olive Rustic Bread (You can also use Pain Beaucaire, Miller’s Five Grain, or Ciabatta).  Get the full recipe below. Marinade for Chicken Breast 6 Cloves garlic 2 sprigs rosemary 4 sprigs thyme 2 fresh or dried bay leaves 1 lemon, quartered and seeded 1 tbsp coarse black peper 2 tbsp kosher salt 2 tbsp sugar 2 cups vegetable oil In blender, process all ingredients until solids are fine bits. Pour into sealable plastic bag- large enough for desired number of chicken breasts- 1 per sandwich- to marinate at least 3 hours; longer is better. Roast breasts in moderate oven. When done, hold at room temperature. Use within an hour. When cool enough to handle, pull meat from bones in as large pieces as possible. Remove skin if desired.

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