Grilled G&W Bratwurst Sandwich

Watch Chef Andy White, of the Schlafly Tap Room, demonstrate how to make the delicious Grilled G&W Bratwurst Sandwich prepared on Companion’s Pale Ale Bread. Get the full recipe below. Grilled G&W Bratwurst Sandwich by Chef Andy White, Schlafly Tap Room Mustard Mix 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 tbsp whole grain mustard 1 tsp toasted mustard seed Red Cabbage Slaw 1 head shaved red cabbage 1 head shaved green cabbage 1 yellow onion, sliced 4 ounces cider vinegar 3 ounces sugar 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp mustard seed 1 tsp dry mustard 1 tbsp caraway seeds Boil vinegar, sugar, and spice mixture for 2 minutes and pour over cabbage and onion mixture. Refrigerate overnight. Sauerkraut 1 pound of sauerkraut 1 yellow onion, sliced 1 tbsp caraway seeds 1 ham hock Combine all ingredients. Cover in foil and bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Pick the meat off of the ham hock and stir into the sauerkraut. To Serve: 2 G&W bratwursts boiled in beer mustard mix red cabbage slaw sauerkraut cooked with ham hocks 2 slices Muenster cheese Toast the 2 pieces of Companion Pale Ale bread (You may also use Companion Pretzel Bread or French Baguette). Smear mustard mix on one slice of bread. Place slaw on mustard mix. Split the bratwurst lengthwise and grill it. Place grilled bratwurst on the slaw, top with sauerkraut and muenster and melt.

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