Early Bird Outlet Opens: a lot of bread for a little dough

QuipColor We’re inviting St. Louis into the place where all the fermentation magic happens…and since we don’t have to load our goods onto the back of a truck and drive it out of South City, we can offer them to you at incredible prices. Come on down to our Early Bird Outlet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings for great deals on our freshly baked breads and sweets. Located at our South City Bread Factory at 4555 Gustine Ave, the Outlet will offer everything by the pound at prices up to 35-40% below retail. What we have each day will depend totally on the whim of our overnight bakers and the feedback we get from our customers. Though it might be a little further to fly, the Early Bird Outlet is the place to get the best artisanal breads at the absolute best prices. Remember what they say about the early bird…when we’re out of product, we’re out for the day. And, yes, we will have Goshen Coffee (our favorite locally roasted, organic, fair trade brew) to wash down those all-butter Croissants. Early Bird Outlet 4555 Gustine Ave, St. Louis MO 63116 Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays 7 am – 12 noon For a map to the outlet, click  here.

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  • Tara Tinnin


    I was there this morning. Great selection, great prices and outstanding breads and pastries. We live in South City, so this is extremely awesome for us. Thanks!

    Tara Tinnin

  • Ratna


    Have been a huge fan of the bread for years and was disappointed when the CWE store closed. Thanks for opening this place up – it’s closer to home, has a good selection of product and the prices rock.

  • Kirsten


    Thank you for starting this up again! For those of us on the South Side, we can once again enjoy some good Companion treats close to home!

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