Companion Closes Central West End Cafe

ST. LOUIS, MO (January 4, 2010) – Today St. Louis-based Companion announced the closing of its Central West End café, effective immediately.  The café, located at 4651 Maryland Avenue, opened in 2007. Owner, Josh Allen, issued the following statement: “This past year has been a challenging one for small independent businesses like ours.  While this particular retail location has struggled, we are pleased with the overall performance of Companion.  Our wholesale and grocery business continues to thrive, and our other cafes have had solid years despite a difficult economy. As we look ahead, it only makes sense to focus all of our resources on the stronger elements of our business. The CWE cafe is the largest of our retail locations yet the poorest performing.  In order to continue to grow strategically, we must eliminate our weakest components.  In the coming year, we will be exploring the possibility of integrating our bakehouse and retail experience as well as a mobile concept.  We are optimistic about the next chapter of the Companion story. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this vibrant neighborhood and we hope to have a presence here in the future as we explore new opportunities.  To our dedicated employees and loyal customers, we truly thank you for your support.” Companion’s Clayton and Ladue cafes will continue to operate as is, and the company’s wholesale and grocery business is unchanged.  Companion will also continue to serve the entire metro area via its Catering division.  For additional information about Companion, visit  For information about the location, please contact Kent Hirschfelder at 314/616-1279.

Media Contact: Erin Husband, 314/863-3033 x205,

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Comments (11)

  • Dana Romeis


    We are so very sad to see you leave the CWE. I am in hopes that as the economy improves you will be able to find another location in our neighborhood that will fit your profile. Please consider returning.

  • Josh Allen


    Thanks for your kind words. We love the CWE and will miss the vibrant neighborhood. We’ll keep you posted on future plans…in the meantime, come visit us in Clayton or Ladue!

  • Ziyad Al-Aly


    I am shocked and sad. So sorry you guys had to close. I have beautiful memories eating there with friends on Saturdays and Sundays. The quality of your bread and food is amazing, much better than anything else in town.

    I just hope that you guys will return soon. I am going to miss companion a lot…..

  • Alison


    That’s too bad! I spent many mornings here and thought Companion was a great asset to the nabe. You will be missed.

  • Debbie Dixson


    We are so sorry to see you leave the CWE. My 60th birthday cake, tho really I am only 59! was from Companion. I will miss all my friends, who served us so well there. Good luck and please come back!

  • Dennis Dixson


    We are very sad to see you go. Companion seemed like a perfect fit for the CWE. You guys will be missed.

  • Amy


    I’m so sad to see you go. Your employees were always so kind and friendly, your location just blocks from work, and it was such a beautiful store/restaurant. I hope your staff find a place somewhere in your organization – especially Rick. He was fantastic.

  • Matt


    I was shocked to see the location closed when I walked by this week. The tables were filled and the product was excellent. I am really sad to see you guys go, it’s a shame.

  • Pam


    I was shocked to find out you closed. I love Companion and hope that in the future you are able to return to our neighborhood! You will be misssed, until then my husband and I will have to make a trip to Clayton or Ladue!

  • Lindsey


    Companinon in the CWE was my absolute favorite place in St. Louis. I am devastated that you left our neighborhood.

  • Mike


    We will miss our Saturday lunches of soup and bread, the atmosphere and the class you brought to the CWE. Come back soon.

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