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First in our CollaBREADtive 3 program is Mark Erker of the ever-popular Boathouse restaurant in Forest Park. The menu at the Boathouse is designed to be family-friendly, featuring angus burgers, chili, hand-tossed pizzas, and delicious salads, along with some signature dishes such as flank steak rarebit and salmon BLTs. For the program, Mark teamed up with Josh and created a traditional Muffaletta sandwich, with a delicious olive salad. From September 13 – October 25, you can find the Muffaletta loaf wherever our products are sold, print the recipe below and try it at home! Or stop by the Boathouse and order it from their menu.


Click here to download a PDF of the recipe
muffaletta_markerker_boathouse For the olive salad: 8 cups green olives, chopped 4 cups pickled gardiniera vegetables, chopped 1 cups roasted red peppers, chopped 4 T capers 2 T garlic, minced 4 T parsley, chopped 6 scallions, chopped 3 T oregano 1 T crushed red pepper Olive oil to coat Salt and black pepper to taste Combine all ingredients and allow to marinate for at least a day before use. Procedure for the sandwich: Split muffaletta loaf horizontally.  (You can also use Companion’s Ciabatta or Pain Beacauire bread) Spread bottom half of the bread generously with the olive salad. Layer with one-quarter pound each Genoa salami, cappacola, mortadella and sliced sharp Provolone cheese. Place second layer of olive salad over the meats and cheese. Replace the top of the bread and cut sandwich into wedges (serves 4 to 6)

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