Best Darn Toast in St. Louis with butter & jam2.75

Toasted Bagel with butter & jam or cream cheese2.75

Specialty Baked Eggs with toast7.50

Granola & Yogurt Parfait6.25

Café Oatmeal choice of toppings6.95

Fresh Fruit4.50

Bottomless Mug2.25

Proudly serving Kaldi’s Locally Roasted Coffee

Breakfast Sandwiches

our original sandwich- baked eggs, veggies, or bacon and cheddar on your choice of a Bagel or Croissant

OOH LA LA!8.50
baked eggs, brie and oven roasted tomatoes on thick cut Brioche

Green Eggs and Ham8.50
housemade spinach walnut pesto, baked eggs and thick cut bacon on our flaky Croissant

New Yawker9.50
Icelandic smoked salmon and cream cheese, stacked on one of our famous New York style bagels

baked eggs and roasted garlic cream cheese on a warm Bavarian Pretzel

It’s All Greek8.50
baked eggs, spinach & artichoke spread and red onion on a chewy bagel

Breakfast Club8.50
all natural turkey sausage, egg whites and avocado toasted on your choice of Bagel

Salads & Soups

Whole salad11.50
Half salad7.25
Companion Lotto (Pick two: Half sandwich, house made soup or small salad) 12.50

The Greek Goddess

mixed greens, feta, tomato, red onion, greek olives, cucumbers and our greek dressing


mixed greens, apples, dried cranberries, candied pecans with honey mustard dressing

Tough Love

power salad with avocado, feta, sunflower seeds, edamame, tomatoes, and spinach with a meyer lemon vinaigrette

Prom Queen

mixed greens, roasted turkey, hard boiled egg, tomato, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, avocado and our creamy cobb dressing

To Be Or Not To Be

a delicious chicken caesar salad – roasted chicken breast, bacon, red onions, lettuce and parmesan

Picnic Basket

fresh baby spinach, roasted chicken breast, crumbled bleu cheese, fresh strawberries, candied pecans, red onion and our strawberry poppy vinaigrette

South of the Border

chopped salad with black beans, corn, avocado, tomato, green onion, tortilla chips and romaine lettuce served with a cilantro key lime ranch dressing

Go Green

kale salad with roasted butternut squash, parmesan cheese and sliced almonds dressed lightly with our fresh lemon and olive oil vinaigrette

House Made Soup & Bread 6.95

Selection changes daily

To see daily soup listings by location, click here.


Only all natural meats touch our all natural preservative-free bread

Whole Sandwich9.50
Half Sandwich5.95
Sack Lunch

(Whole sandwich with your choice of chips or fruit or side salad, and a fresh café cookie or dessert bite)
Petite Sack Lunch

(Half sandwich with your choice of chips or fruit or side salad and a fresh café cookie or dessert bite)
Companion Lotto

(Pick two: half sandwich, house made soup or half salad)
Kid’s Meal

(12 & under – kid size turkey & cheddar, pb&j or grilled cheese with chips or fruit and a café cookie)

Spring Chicken
all natural roasted chicken breast, red onion, tomato and a spread of spinach and artichokes toasted on our Ciabatta

Chuck’s #39
all white meat curried chicken salad, tossed with raisins and almonds, served on our house made Parisien

Catycorner Chicken
all white meat chicken salad on our flaky Croissant

Fiesta Chicken
all natural roasted chicken breast, habanero jack cheese, peppered bacon and chili mayo toasted on our Ciabatta


The Lone Ranger
roast beef with cheddar, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic mayo, stacked on our Sourdough

Back In The Saddle
roast beef, cucumber, red onion and horseradish mayo, stacked on our Bavarian Pretzel

French Dip
hot roast beef sandwich on a crusty Parisien simply dressed with horseradish white cheddar, toasted and served with a side of au jus

Rockin’ Reuben
corned beef brisket, baby swiss, sauerkraut and our house made beer cheese sauce grilled on our Bavarian Pretzel

Turkey & Ham

roasted turkey with brie, sprouts and honey dijon stuffed in our crusty house made Parisien

Fa La La La La
roasted turkey, house made cranberry sauce, baby swiss, lettuce and tarragon mayo on our Ciabatta

Cinco de Mayo
roasted turkey, bacon, baby swiss, tomato, lettuce and tarragon mayo on our Sourdough

our version of the classic – thick cut bacon, lettuce and tomato, triple decker style with mayo on our Pugliese

ham and swiss with house made honey mustard on our Bavarian Pretzel

Fowl Weather
roasted turkey, avocado, boursin cheese, applewood smoked bacon, red pepper jelly, lettuce and chipotle mayo served on our toasted Miller’s Five Grain


albacore tuna salad tossed with apricots and walnuts, served with lettuce on our Miller’s Five Grain

New Yawker
icelandic smoked salmon and cream cheese, stacked on one of our famous new york style Bagels
available with tomatoes, capers and onions


Humpty Dumpty
egg salad made just like mom’s, served with lettuce on our tangy Seeded Rye

PBB&J | 5.95
peanut butter and french raspberry jam on our outstanding rich, buttery Brioche

Cheese On Cheese
a traditional double-decker grilled cheese with tomato on our Brioche

Green with Envy
our popular house made spinach walnut pesto, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella toasted on our Miller’s Five Grain