Caramelized Brussels Sprout Bruschetta, Brick Chicken with Root Vegetable Bread Salad, and Affogato

This week our “Bread Guy” – Josh Allen partnered with Chef Gerard Craft of Niche to host a behind-the-scenes cooking and baking demonstration and discussion for local bloggers and food writers. The gathering focused on three delicious courses that utilized the same Companion bread, Pain Beaucaire. The Chefs whipped up Caramelized Brussels Sprout Bruschetta for starters, Brick Chicken with Root Vegetable Bread Salad as the main course and Companion Affogato for dessert. Check out one of the great blogs and a few pictures of the event by clicking here Pictures of each delicious dish: Bruschetta Chicken Affogato

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  • Debby McClane


    I love seeing your recipes, they are so creative & interesting, maybe come uo with some more chocolate dessert recipes, I;d love that!!

  • siena cargas


    affogato…yummm except for the espresso

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