New Menus at Our Cafes!

We are excited to announce new menus at our cafes…particularly an entire new selection of Breakfast Sandwiches! These delicious creations are sure to get your morning started right. All are available with egg white instead of egg as well! Take a peek below at the tasty choices, and visit the Companion Cafe Menus for our full menu.

Companion Breakfast Sandwiches  

Claytonian our original sandwich- baked eggs, veggies, or bacon and cheddar on your choice of a Bagel or Croissant OH LA LA! baked eggs, brie and over roasted tomatoes on thick cut Brioche Green, Eggs and Ham housemade spinach walnut pesto, baked eggs and thick cut bacon on our flaky Croissant. New Yawnker icelandic smoked salmon and cream cheese, stacked on one of our famous new york style Bagels. Philly baked eggs and roasted garlic cream cheese on a warm Bavarian Pretzel. It’s All Greek baked eggs, spinach & artichoke spread and red onion on a chewy Bagel.
OH LA LA!   Philly
OH LA LA!   Philly
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Grilled Bratwurst Sandwich

This delicious bratwurst sandwich recipe was originally created for us by Chef Andy White from Schlafly Tap Room, for our CollaBREADtive series. Try it with grilled bread or our pretzel rolls for a twist! Brat Sandwich-HOR Grilled Bratwurst Sandwich Mustard Mix 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 tbsp whole grain mustard 1 tsp toasted mustard seed Red Cabbage Slaw 1 head shaved red cabbage 1 head shaved green cabbage 1 yellow onion, sliced 4 ounces cider vinegar 3 ounces sugar 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp mustard seed 1 tsp dry mustard 1 tbsp caraway seeds Boil vinegar, sugar, and spice mixture for 2 minutes and pour over cabbage and onion mixture. Refrigerate overnight. Sauerkraut 1 pound of sauerkraut 1 yellow onion, sliced 1 tbsp caraway seeds 1 ham hock Combine all ingredients. Cover in foil and bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Pick the meat off of the ham hock and stir into the sauerkraut. To Serve: 2 bratwursts boiled in beer mustard mix red cabbage slaw sauerkraut cooked with ham hocks 2 slices Muenster cheese Smear mustard mix on one slice of bread. Place slaw on mustard mix. Split the bratwurst lengthwise and grill it. Place grilled bratwurst on the slaw, top with sauerkraut and muenster and melt.
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Introducing…Breaded Bliss!


Looking for a salty and sweet way to treat yourself? If you answered “yes” (and why wouldn’t you?), we have great news for you. Companion has teamed up with St. Louis’ favorite chocolatier, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, to create Breaded Bliss, a chocolate-covered creation that is being described as the perfect marriage of creamy, dark chocolate and crunchy, toasted bread.  We started with our always-fresh toasted bread, covered it in rich chocolate, and added a pinch of natural sea salt for good measure. The result is a treat that is as delightful as its name implies. Try Breaded Bliss today by picking some up at your nearest Companion cafe.

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Pi Pizzeria starts TODAY for CollaBREADtive 3!

CoMarc Baltes pillaBREADtive 3 makes it’s second to last stop at a local favorite, Pi Pizzeria. Pi Pizzeria has quickly become a St. Louis favorite! Their award winning deep and thin crust pizza is a “must have” when visiting St. Louis. For the program, Marc teamed up with Josh to create an Arugula Salad partnered with a Classic Pizzeria Grissini from Companion. The light and delicious salad is available at the Central West End location of Pi from May 23- July 3. If you are feeling inspired, you can find the Pizzeria Grissinis wherever our products are sold, print the recipe below and try it at home! Or stop by Pi Pizzeria and order it from their menu.
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Another Successful Girls on the Run 5k!

Another spectacular event, last Sunday, May 15, 2011! Girls on the Run 5K in Forest Park attracted nearly 5,000 runners with over half of them under 12. Very inspiring to see all the empowered young ladies! We donated 5,000 bagel sticks and 5,000 mini cookies for the finishers in addition to running the concessions. We have been involved with this outstanding organization since the beginning and we’ve been honored to grow with them. It has become our largest single day donation of the year. More info on their website! IMAG0042 (2)GOTR start (2)
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Fuel Your Inner Genius!

The U.S. Men’s and Women’s Chess Championship draws the finest chess players from near and far. This year, it is being held at the Saint Louis Chess Club & Scholastic Center in the Central West End the week of April 18 and the week of April 25. Companion is thrilled to be catering the event, providing food and beverage sure to fuel the players’ inner genius! 2011 Chess Tourn
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Everyone’s raving about our Gathering Sacks!

Sack-Lunch-Share-PieceWe knew we were excited about our new Gathering Sacks…so it tickled our fancy to find out that others are loving them too! George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine wrote about our new program, designed for lunch meetings and gatherings. It’s so nice, we blushed a little. Read the full post here. George mentions one of the many signatures that make Gathering Sacks unique: your sandwich comes with a piece “sliced to share.” It’s a fun way to make your lunch more interesting, especially when you find yourself eye-ing your neighbors selection. If you haven’t checked it out yet, see our simple Gathering Sack menu and easy-to-use online ordering system. You can order your lunches up to 2 weeks in advance, we’ll deliver to your door with all you need to dig in and enjoy.
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