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About Us

There are relationships at every stage in the life of a loaf of bread…

Between baker and dough. Between the environment and crust. Between ingredients and accompaniments. And, most importantly, between those who share it. We understand these connections. That’s why every all natural loaf is handmade daily with the finest ingredients. Because we realize what we make is much more than bread. It is a catalyst for conversation. For sharing.
For connection.

At Companion, we’ve been making craft breads and pastries since we pulled our first baguette from our stone oven in late 1993. By focusing on the 4C’s – our Companions, our Customers, our Community and our Company – we have built a small bakery with strong reputation for doing things right.

We’re in the business of baking bread. But we’re also in the business of supporting small growers and producers, encouraging sustainability, pushing culinary limits, even fostering friendships. To us, the creative process and the many people it touches along the way are as important as the loaf itself.

We place great care in our products and service. We source the best ingredients to prepare unique offerings for our customers. We enjoy excellent and long-standing relationships with our wholesale and retail customers. We offer a gathering place for customers to pop in or linger, to sit quietly or share in conversations and a meal. We treasure our St. Louis roots and are a vital member of the neighborhoods and communities we serve. The collective “we” of Companion is what makes it all possible.

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