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While our breads may have put us on the map nationally, it’s our baked goods that bring in the locals by droves. Sure to cure any craving, our selection offers something for everyone, from the morning muffin muncher to the chocolate addict. What’s your favorite? Click here to see all our offerings.

Companion Decorated Cookies

Decorated Cookies

There is something about a handmade iced cookie that just makes people smile. Whether it’s shaped like a soccer ball or a simple flower, our cookie creations are loved by customers of all ages. Click here to view a gallery of some of our handiwork.

Companion Breaded Bliss

Breaded Bliss

Companion has teamed up with St. Louis’ favorite chocolatier, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, to create Breaded Bliss. This dark chocolate confection consists of Companion’s always-fresh toasted bread, covered in rich chocolate with a pinch of natural sea salt. The result is a treat that is as delightful as its name implies.

Breaded Bliss comes in 12oz packages and 16oz gift boxes.

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